PA Workers’ Comp Paid by Check

One of the important jobs we have, as attorneys who represent injured workers in Pennsylvania, is to educate our clients about the PA workers’ compensation system. It is vital to us that our clients fully understand their rights and responsibilities under the PA Workers’ Compensation Act, and the appellate cases which have interpreted the Act. Sometimes one of the biggest obstacles we face is the mass of disinformation floating out there.

For example, recently there was an article on a local Philadelphia news affiliate about how those on unemployment compensation and workers’ compensation benefits would be saving money due to the development of new debit cards, which would have fewer fees.

The article said that, “About 150,000 people – or a bit more than 40-percent of Pennsylvanians who get workers comp or unemployment benefits – get them through debit cards.”

Just one problem with that . . . we have never seen a single workers’ compensation recipient get paid by debit card. This may take place in the unemployment compensation arena, but not in workers’ comp. Almost universally, injured workers receive their workers’ comp benefits by check. Unfortunately, it is articles like this which can create unrealistic expectations for injured workers.

Yet another reminder of why an injured worker should be represented by attorneys who are experienced in PA workers’ compensation law.

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