Developments in “Walking” for Paralyzed Injured Workers

A few months ago, we shared our excitement about the ReWalk motorized exoskeleton. We are now proud to note that one of our very own clients is working with another of these devices, called Ekso, through Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Hospital in Allentown, PA.

According to Susan Golden, Director of Neurorehabilitation at Good Shepherd, the facility became the first rehabilitation center in the entire Country to be trained in the upgraded Ekso device. They had been the third center in the Country to receive the Ekso unit back in March, 2012.

Working with Good Shepherd, our client, Jason A., has been an inspiration to other injured workers. Back in June of 2010, a farming injury left Jason paralyzed from the waist down. A young man, only 33 years old at that time, Jason has never stopped working and hoping for further recovery. When the doctors told him he had irreparable damage to his spinal cord, and that he would never walk again, Jason simply took that as a challenge rather than a sentence.

As Jason explained:

“It is exciting to be part of something so new in technology. Gives you hope to keep on working for something. Many people I have seen in my situation at Good Shepherd just give up and fall off the face of the earth. If something good has come out of this, it is that I am using my hard work and positive attitude to inspire others at Good Shepherd to keep working towards their goals.”

In May, 2012, Jason began working with the Ekso device. Through his efforts and perseverance, Jason became only the third person to do a step up a single stair with the new unit. Seeing progress like this is beyond exciting for the paralyzed injured worker. It spells hope, which had never been there before. Jason is continuing to work with the Ekso unit and continuing to make progress.

We hope that Jason’s dedication and hard work can be an inspiration to all injured workers, not just those who have suffered catastrophic spinal injuries. The fact that his great effort has given Jason hope should be a motivation to every injured worker in Pennsylvania. The commitment and determination shown by Jason makes us proud to be his attorneys.

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