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A new Frequently Asked Question has been, "I have the Coronavirus, can I get workers' compensation benefits?" The answer is that, yes, you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits depending on the facts. This can be whether you have contracted COVID-19 through work, or whether you have lost a modified duty job through an employer closing or layoff. Email or call us to discuss the specifics of your case in regard to the Coronavirus or any other work injury.

Zohydro No More Dangerous Than Other Pain Relievers, Says FDA

A couple of months ago, we mentioned the FDA approval of a new pain medication, called Zohydro. The same properties which make Zohydro so exciting for the medical profession, and injured workers everywhere, caused great angst among government and addiction officials. Fast and effective relief of severe pain, unfortunately, also can lead to misuse and/or abuse of any substance. These concerns had officials lobbying the FDA to revoke its approval for this medication.

Recently, the FDA issued a Fact Sheet about Zohydro. After taking a close look at the benefits and risks of this medication, the FDA determined that its approval (for its intended usage) was correct. In fact, the FDA issued this release, in part, to correct some misconceptions about Zohydro.

Specifically, the FDA noted that Zohydro is available in varying strengths. Since it is designed to be a time-release medication, though Zohydro contains more hydrocodone than some other products, it is actually less potent than other opiate-based pain relievers currently on the market, as they are immediate-release products. Further, there is evidence that abuse-deterrent properties of some competing medications, such as Oxycontin, are not completely effective at preventing abuse or addiction. The FDA also recognized that, even if Oxycontin has some abuse-deterrent properties not found in Zohydro, Oxycontin “does not meet the medical needs of all people in severe pain.”

In the end, the FDA could not justify keeping fast and thorough pain relief from those in severe pain. As usual, we must rely upon the doctors, and the patients, to make sure this medication (as we would with any medication) is used safely and effectively.

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