Workers Compensation Decision on IRE Vacated by Commonwealth Court

In a previous blog entry, I mentioned the April 28, 2008 decision by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania in Diehl v. WCAB, which greatly limited what a workers’ compensation insurance carrier in Pennsylvania can do with an Impairment Rating Evaluation (IRE). This decision was very favorable to the injured worker. Unfortunately, on June 24, 2008, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania issued an order, and granted the workers’ compensation insurance company’s application for reargument, and vacated the prior decision. This means that, for now, the law returns as it had been before the Diehl decision was issued (meaning the workers’ comp insurance company does NOT have to show job availability when trying to have benefits changed to partial based on an IRE).

Though there will be reargument on this case, and a new decision will be issued, many of us Pennsylvania workers’ compensation attorneys doubt that the new decision will be as favorable as the one which has been vacated. We will, of course, post about the new decision when it is made.

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