Seminar – Changing Description of Injury in PA Workers’ Comp

Guiding PA workers’ compensation attorneys in how and why to expand the description of injury in a Pennsylvania workers’ comp case was the topic of the most recent seminar given by one of our partners, Glenn C. Neiman, for on July 22, 2011. Unlike the previous work Mr. Neiman has done for, this recent seminar was streamed live to attorneys across Pennsylvania (and the rest of the Country as well). In addition to discussing the nuts and bolts of changing a description of injury, Mr. Neiman also gave a brief update regarding some recent decisions from PA Courts of interest to the Pennsylvania workers’ comp lawyer community.

“The description of injury is really what drives a workers’ comp claim in Pennsylvania,” Mr. Neiman explained, when asked why this topic is important, “When we look at whether a work injury is fully recovered, or whether an injured worker can go back to work, or whether medical treatment is related to the work injury, we are always looking at the accepted work injury.”

While the seminar was performed live, it will also be added to the catalogue, so other attorneys across PA can learn about this important topic. “Not every firm limits its practice to Pennsylvania workers’ compensation cases like we do,” said Mr. Neiman, “so this seminar is of special benefit to those attorneys who do not handle PA workers’ comp matters on a regular basis.”

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