Procedures of PA Workers’ Compensation Judges Available

Some time ago, there was a page on the website of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation which contained the practices and procedures of some Workers’ Compensation Judges (WCJs) in the Bureau. There were not that many of the WCJs listed, and the information was rarely updated. We are pleased to report that there is now an updated list of information for each WCJ, how he or she runs the courtroom and cases, and that it has been updated through April 29, 2015.

This is an incredibly valuable resource for not only us attorneys who represent the injured worker, but for everyone involved in the PA workers’ compensation system. This list tells us whether the WCJ follows the “serial listing” or “one day trial” format. We can learn whether the WCJ wants to see the injured worker for Supersedeas or other hearings, how evidence is to be submitted, and other important information.

Anything that makes the litigation process run more smoothly is a step in the right direction, and we must applaud the Bureau for the improvements made to this page.

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