Prescription Pain Medication: Facts and Myths

In Pennsylvania workers’ compensation, we see all sorts of injuries. Everything from a torn rotator cuff in the shoulder, to an ACL tear in the knee, to an amputation of a finger or toe, to a herniated disc in the neck or back – and everything in between. One thing common to many work injuries, though, is pain. Often, severe and chronic pain.

This pain causes many an injured worker to take prescription pain medication, narcotic pain medication, for the first time on a prolonged basis. Taking such a strong medication, for a long period of time, can be frightening for some. The fear of addiction to pain medication often clouds the judgment of an injured worker, perhaps causing the injured worker to suffer chronic pain needlessly.

A recent article on WebMD addresses seven myths with regard to prescription pain medication. This article offers some good information to those injured workers who are now dealing with these issues, perhaps for the first time. Given the misunderstandings and fears regarding narcotic pain medications, this article should be required reading for all injured workers in the PA workers’ compensation system.

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