Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Calculator

Workers’ comp awards differ greatly based on numerous factors. Salary, severity of injury, type of injury, and permanency of injury all factor into the amount you will receive for your work related injury.

It is impossible to state exactly how much you will receive without going through the PA workers compensation process. We may be able to provide you with a rough estimate, but it will only be rough.

There is no workers compensation calculator specifically for PA. We have friends who are Maryland workers’ compensation lawyers who have developed a calculator for workers’ comp in Maryland.

The MDCompLaw calculator asks you to input your average weekly wage. It then asks you what part of your body was impacted in the workplace injury and how bad, in your estimation, the pain is. The calculator then uses the level of pain to determine a potential permanency factor. The estimate is rough, to say the least. But it’s a neat tool for residents of Maryland.

As for a Pennsylvania workers compensation calculator, you will need to call us. We’ll apply our years of experience to your case to estimate your benefits then do everything we can to obtain the best results possible for you.

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