PA Workers’ Compensation Judge David Slom Retires

Last month, we mentioned that the Northeast Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Hearing Office was now closed, forcing all residents of Philadelphia to have their cases heard in Center City Philadelphia. This change forced the Workers’ Compensation Judges (WCJs) at this location, and their staffs, to relocate as well. Though we cannot say they was any connection to the move, we have now learned that WCJ David Slom, who heard cases in the Northeast Philadelphia site, announced his retirement and has left the bench.

We have been aware of WCJ Slom since his days working for the State Workers’ Insurance Fund (SWIF), prior to becoming a Judge. Whether this dates him, or us, more is a matter of conjecture. On many occasions, over the ensuing years, we have been before Judge Slom. His meticulousness and diligence will be missed. We wish him a happy, healthy and peaceful retirement.

Even prior to the relocation of the Northeast Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Hearing Office there has been some recent attrition to the field of WCJs stationed there. Before WCJ Slom retired, WCJ Ida Louise Harris and WCJ Michael Snyder stepped down. These two openings had been filled, unofficially, by WCJ Holly San Angelo and WCJ Marc Harrison.

Much to our consternation, the PA Bureau of Workers’ Compensation does not report or publish additions, or subtractions, to the WCJ ranks. There is never an “official” statement or notice. We are left to discover such information through the proverbial grapevine. To keep our readers informed, and to best serve our clients, we are always listening to the chatter, to determine any movement of WCJs.

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