One Way to Help Injured Workers is to Prevent Work Injuries

On our blog, and our website, we talk of how to help the injured worker, both through legal rights under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, and through news and developments in the medical field.  But, maybe the most helpful thing is to avoid the work injury in the first place.

While typically, we keep things local to Pennsylvania work injuries, we were contacted by a site in the United Kingdom, which has a guide to help reduce the occurrence of injuries in the workplace.  Obviously, some of the legal and governmental things that are mentioned are not true for PA, but the guide does have some things employers can consider as they try to reduce the frequency of work injuries.

According to the site:

The How to Assess and Prevent Hazards in the Workplace guide offers lots of helpful information such as:

  • A good overview of the six key types of workplace hazard that can occur across a wide range of environments.
  • Types of unsafe work practices and conditions that create (or contribute to) workplace hazards, as well as the legal requirements (for both employees and employers) for reporting said hazards.
  • Helpful tips and information on how to prevent the vast majority of injuries, accidents and incidents that occur in the workplace, including advice on putting together a risk and hazard assessment.
  • Advice on creating (or adopting) and promoting a workplace ‘safety culture’ as well as plenty of other useful and informative resources.

You can find the guide at

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