Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Larger Factor than Heredity in Tinnitus

In representing injured workers in Pennsylvania, we frequently see hearing loss cases. Many work environments require employees in those areas to be exposed to dangerously high levels of noise. Over a period of time, this can lead to a loss in hearing.

Tinnitus, perceived usually as a “ringing” in the ear, is a condition that can be seen along with a loss of hearing. Workers’ compensation insurance carriers often allege that tinnitus, when present, is not the result of noise exposure at work, but of another cause, such as heredity.

A recent article discussed on suggests that tinnitus is far less likely to be the result of inheriting bad genes than from environmental factors, such as noise exposure at work.

In Pennsylvania, hearing loss as a result of noise exposure at work is compensable, as long as the loss of hearing is greater than 10%. The amount of compensation one can receive for loss of hearing in PA is relative to the percentage of the hearing impairment.

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