More Movement of PA Workers’ Compensation Judges

It now is appearing to be a refreshing change in the way the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation communicates changes in the staffing of the workers’ comp hearing offices across the State. Not long ago, we learned of changes among Workers’ Compensation Judges (WCJ) either through the grapevine, or from the mouths of the WCJs directly involved. Lately, however, much to our delight, the Bureau has begun to communicate news of additions and transfers of WCJs to the attorneys who practice in the area.

Given the communication from the Bureau, we can now advise you folks that Pennsylvania has two new WCJs, Erin Young and Audrey Timm, both of whom will be assigned to the Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Hearing Office (Southeastern District). This will become official on June 2, 2014. We congratulate each of the new members of the judiciary, and wish them well on the bench.

Additionally, we have been advised that The Honorable Debra Bowers, who had been in the Philadelphia Workers’ Compensation Hearing Office, will be transferring to the Montgomery County office (Eastern District). While Montgomery County is one of the few counties with two hearing offices, it is our understanding that Judge Bowers will be assigned to the workers’ comp hearing office located in Malvern (the other is in Dresher). We wish success to Judge Bowers in her new location.

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