FDA Limits Amount of Acetaminophen in Prescription Pain Relievers

Dealing with victims of work-related injuries every day, we understand that many of our clients need pain medications just to get through their days. Some of those prescriptions, however, are going to be changing, in an effort to make them safer.

Many pain medications combine an opioid, such as codeine, oxycodone or hydrocodone, with acetaminophen. In high doses, acetaminophen can cause liver damage, or even liver failure. Trying to combat these dangerous side effects, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration recently announced a limit on the amount of acetaminophen that can be used in these pain medicines (no more than 325 milligrams).

This change will be phased in over a period of three years, and no shortages of pain medicine are anticipated. Over the counter medications containing acetaminophen would not be effected by this action. If you have any questions about this action, or anything regarding the medications you take, you should always discuss such concerns with your doctor or pharmacist.

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