Commonwealth Court of PA Vacates Decision in Butler

Recently, we posted a blog entry on the case of City of Philadelphia v. Workers’ Compensation Appeal Board (Butler), decided by the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania on December 16, 2010. In this opinion, the Court allowed a suspension or termination of workers’ compensation benefits to take place on a date before the issuance of a Notice of Compensation Payable (NCP). This appeared in conflict with existing case law from the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania.

We were notified by the attorney who litigated this case that the Commonwealth Court of PA granted a motion for en banc review of the case (most opinions of the Court are decided by a panel of Judges; an “en banc” review involves all of the Judges of the Court). Further, this Order of the Court, issued on February 24, 2011, vacated the decision which had been issued on December 16, 2010. The Court, after the en banc review, will issue a new opinion.

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