Changes to Website for Brilliant & Neiman LLC – Better to Help Injured Workers in PA

If you have not visited our website recently, you may be surprised at some of the changes you will see by checking us out at The first thing you may notice is that the site has been redesigned to be more friendly to devices other than computers. Now the site should scale itself to be easily read, whether you are browsing on your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Also, we have expanded the information available under the “Workers’ Compensation” tab. We know the entire workers’ compensation system can be scary and intimidating, even if you have an attorney already protecting your rights. In fact, we at Brilliant & Neiman LLC feel that one of our jobs is to explain the process to our clients, so they can feel more secure and understand the system better. Aside from basic concepts, like what benefits are available under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, what if my case is denied or how do I settle my case, we have created pages addressing Impairment Ratings Evaluations, Utilization Reviews and Labor Market Surveys/Earning Power Assessments, since these things impact so many injured workers in PA.

If there are any other pages you think would be helpful for us to add, feel free to visit us and make suggestions.

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