Certified as Specialists in the Practice of Workers’ Compensation Law

One of the most difficult decisions faced by an injured worker in PA is how to decide who to hire as their worker’s compensation attorney. Many sites, or publications, have a list of attorneys they tout. Maybe they are called “Super” attorneys or “Awesome” lawyers, or some other cleaver marketing name. What standards do they use? Are they objective? Is there really merit in being named? Who knows. Now, however, there is an objective, regulated selection process authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

As we mentioned before, Pennsylvania has created a Workers’ Compensation Law Certification process. First, an attorney is screened to be certain he or she possesses the requisite experience to sit for the examination (a minimum of five years practicing in workers’ comp is required). Specific cases must be provided, including briefs and written arguments. The attorney must certify that at least half of his or her practice is devoted to PA workers’ comp matters. Only then is the attorney even allowed to sit for the examination test.

This test was given for the first time in March, 2013. The grueling four hour assessment covered every aspect of PA workers’ compensation law, thoroughly testing each applicant’s knowledge of the workers’ comp system. Both multiple choice and essay questions were involved.

Brilliant & Neiman LLC is proud to report that both of its attorneys, Dina Brilliant and Glenn Neiman, qualified for, and then passed, the examination process. Each is now “Certified as a specialist in the practice of workers’ compensation law by the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Section on Workers’ Compensation Law as authorized by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.”

Importantly, at Brilliant & Neiman LLC, no client is handled by an associate, or anyone other than one of the two partners. No matter whether you are represented by Ms. Brilliant or by Mr. Neiman, you are certain to receive the level of care which can be expected by an attorney certified as an expert in the field. Whether they are “Super” or “Awesome” may be a subjective conclusion; however, it cannot be debated that Ms. Brilliant and Mr. Neiman are now certified as specialists in the practice of workers’ compensation law.

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