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A new Frequently Asked Question has been, "I have the Coronavirus, can I get workers' compensation benefits?" The answer is that, yes, you may be entitled to workers compensation benefits depending on the facts. This can be whether you have contracted COVID-19 through work, or whether you have lost a modified duty job through an employer closing or layoff. Email or call us to discuss the specifics of your case in regard to the Coronavirus or any other work injury.

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Representing injured workers in Pennsylvania workers’ compensation cases, we realize how scary and unfamiliar the PA workers’ comp system can be, especially to an injured worker who does not have an attorney representing them. As we try to do from time to time, we are sponsoring a free PA workers’ compensation seminar on Monday, May 10, 2010, at 6:00 p.m. at our Trevose office (Three Neshaminy Interplex, Suite 301)[Just North of Northeast Philadelphia, just off the Roosevelt Boulevard/Route One, I-95 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike].

We are excited to have Dr. Joel Kravitz, who is Board Certified in Occupational Medicine and Family Medicine, as well as Dr. Gene Nelson, Clinical Care Coordinator at Progress Physical Therapy Centers, and Bill Leitzel, MS Physical Therapist at Progress Physical Therapy Centers joining us for this seminar. In addition to speaking, all of the panelists will be available to answer the many questions you may have.

We encourage all injured workers to take advantage of this unique opportunity to have both your medical and legal questions answered. This is a rare opportunity, and seating is limited, so we ask that you call our offices at (215) 244-8101 to reserve your spot. If you are unable to attend this free seminar, but would like to schedule a personal appointment with us, also feel free to call us to schedule.

In a meeting held yesterday in Doylestown, PA, the Bucks County Bar Association Workers’ Compensation Section named Glenn C. Neiman, a partner at Brilliant & Neiman LLC, as Co-Chair of the Section. The position is a two year term, slated to begin in January 2010.

Traditionally, the Chair of the Workers’ Compensation Section is shared by an attorney who represents injured workers, and an attorney who represents Pennsylvania workers’ comp insurance companies. In this case, the tradition has been followed, as Jonathan C. Meyers, a partner at the defense firm of Hill Wallack LLP, was named as the other Co-Chair.

The Workers’ Compensation Section of the Bucks County Bar Association holds meetings throughout the year for attorneys who practice in this area, discussing items of interest to their members. Often there is coordination between the Section and Workers’ Compensation Judges’ in the Bucks County area, helping the PA workers’ comp system flow as smoothly as possible. The Section also is responsible for producing an annual seminar for attorneys, regarding PA workers’ compensation.

As noted in a previous blog entry, Glenn Neiman, a partner at Brilliant & Neiman LLC, was invited to join the prestigious faculty of Being a nationally recognized leader in continuing legal education programs,’s faculty includes some of the most well-known attorneys in the Country.

On May 14, 2009, Mr. Neiman recorded his first PA workers’ compensation seminar for The seminar dealt with the effect of retirement on the receipt of workers’ compensation benefits in Pennsylvania, as well as an update on recent cases in PA workers’ comp. After the piece is edited by, it will be added to their course catalogue and made available to attorneys across the Country.

We are excited to report that Glenn C. Neiman, one of the partners at Brilliant & Neiman LLC, was approached by, a division of LAWLINE, with an invitation to join their esteemed faculty. LAWLINE is the longest running legal TV show in New York City. is a leading internet provider of continuing legal education and law-related programming for attorneys. The faculty of includes such notable lawyers as Benjamin Brafman, Gerry Shargel, Harvey Weitz, Herald Fahringer and Hal Lieberman.

“It is a great honor to even be invited to join a staff with lawyers as admired as these folks,” said Mr. Neiman, “It’s like a baseball player getting put in a group with Babe Ruth, Ted Williams and Stan Musial.”

Last Thursday and Friday, I attended the annual Fall Meeting of the Pennsylvania Bar Association’s Workers’ Compensation Section in Hershey, PA. While I hate to be out of the office for the two days, I think it is important to hear, and discuss, things that are happening in the Pennsylvania Courts, as well as with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and its Workers’ Compensation Judges. In addition to reviewing recent Court Cases, we also discussed the status of the law regarding “retirement” (voluntary withdrawal from the labor market), “Labor Market Surveys” (also known as “Earning Power Assessments”), and the new 6th Edition of the AMA Guides to Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (which is going to be used to for Impairment Rating Evaluations (IRE)). Going to seminars such as this is what allows us to know the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act inside and out, ultimately, to the benefit of our clients. And, since the seminar is in Hershey, the fact chocolate bars are placed on every table never hurts either!

Normally, in this blog we give readers the latest workers’ compensation cases from the Pennsylvania Courts, news from the Pennsylvania Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and developments in medical treatment for work injuries. Today, though, is just a cute story.

I was putting on my suit jacket to enter the courtroom at the Allentown Workers’ Compensation Hearing Office the other day, when a jacket from my daughter’s Barbie doll dropped from my suit jacket sleeve onto the floor. There was an awkward silence as we sort of all looked at each other, before bursting into laughter. I then picked up Barbie’s jacket and put it in my pocket for safe keeping (I would be put on the bad list if I lost Barbie’s jacket!).

Times like this remind us to remember the little things in life!

Glenn C. Neiman, one of the partners at Brilliant & Neiman LLC enjoys educating people, including other attorneys who do not limit their practice to workers’ compensation, about the complicated world of workers’ compensation in Pennsylvania. Recently, the National Business Institute invited Mr. Neiman to be a speaker at a workers’ compensation seminar in Allentown, PA, but the timing did not work out. Luckily, Mr. Neiman was able to be a speaker at a workers’ compensation seminar for the Bucks County Bar Association last year. Mr. Neiman has had the pleasure of speaking at seminars for both of these organizations in years past.

From time to time, Brilliant & Neiman holds free seminars on Pennsylvania workers’ comp issues for the general public throughout Southeastern PA. We think it is important for injured workers, especially those without attorneys, to know their rights. If you are interested in attending one of these free seminars, please contact us for information about our next seminar in your area.