Brilliant & Neiman LLC Celebrates Twenty Years of Helping Injured Workers

Twenty years ago today.  The Incredibles was on the big screen.  Friends and Frasier were both finishing up their long runs on network television (remember network television?).  The Super Bowl that year featured the infamous “wardrobe malfunction.”  And, Brilliant & Neiman LLC was formed to help injured workers’ with their Pennsylvania workers’ compensation cases.

It started with a simple idea.  Form a law firm that dedicated its practice to just PA workers’ compensation.  Do one thing, and do it well.  Don’t have “teams” or levels of support staff that a client must navigate – let the clients talk directly to the attorneys.  Now, twenty years later, our firm is stronger than ever and helping injured workers with their Pennsylvania workers’ compensation cases throughout Southeastern and Central PA.

We are not the official law firm of any sports team.  We do not have the slick marketing departments found at the big assembly line firms.  You will not find our faces gracing billboards on the highway.  What you will find, however, is the personal service that can only be achieved with a small firm dedicated to its limited practice.

Brilliant & Neiman LLC started with a shared office in Feasterville-Trevose, PA.  We have since grown to our current headquarters in Warminster, PA, along with satellite offices in Allentown and Feasterville-Trevose.

So, if you are an injured worker in Pennsylvania, give us a call and have Brilliant & Neiman LLC in your corner.  For the next twenty years and beyond . . .

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